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We have created a set of tools that will help you to choose the right college and get into your dream college.

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Text books online

Online text books for Tamil Nadu 12th(HSC) standard students

How good is your guess?

Aren’t you glad 12th standard exams are over?. Now is the most painful waiting time. To alleviate your pain and answer some interesting questions we have developed the below tool. Have fun!

Take a guess at the marks you expect and find the colleges you might get into.

How good is your guess?

Get to know yourself: Survey

You are trying to find a college that matches your personality, needs etc.

Below questions will help you to
  • Get to know yourself. So, it will be easier to figure out what to look for in a college
  • Find out how many other students like the similar colleges as you
Get to know yourself:Survey
Search and compare colleges

You can search using a

  • college name
  • university name
  • location
  • cutoff (only for engineering college in tamil nadu)
  • branch name

To compare the colleges, search your keyword then select the colleges and click compare colleges button.

Search colleges now

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